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Investment can be rightfully called a fuel of economy: investment of financial, material, and information resources to create, develop, and extend business. 

With investments, one can change a share in a capital stock, participate in business objects sales’ transactions, in export and import of capital, in financing business transactions, in implementation of manufacturing, social, and innovative projects.

Our Company’s scope of services can be defined as investment and financial consulting implying attraction of financing for investment projects of Clients on the basis of financial modeling of an Investment Project, a comprehensive study of all its aspects, optimization thereof, appraisal and preparation of substantiative documents (Presentation, Information Memorandum, Appraisal Report, Feasibility Study, Business Plan).

Preparation of an Investment Project is a long-term and sometimes very expensive process consisting of three main stages:

–          pre-investment stage;

–          investment stage;

–          stage of newly created objects’ operation.

Currently our Company renders services only related to the pre-investment stage. It means that we focus on solving the problems occurring at the subsequent steps of the pre-investment stage, i.e.:

1) opportunity studies;

2) pre-feasibility studies;

3) feasibility studies.

The pre-investment studies’ steps differ rather conditionally, and profoundness with which each level is studied depends on complexity of a project, time limits, requirements of a potential investor, and many other factors.

Abundant experience of our Company’s employees in credit and financial, investment, and consulting companies, corporate finance, and project finance guarantees your success.

Cost of the above services is determined according to the mutual approval of a customer’s requirements, scope, and terms of works.








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