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We offer

  • Business planning
  • Development and optimization of financial and investment models
  • Feasibility Studies and Information Memorandums
  • Calculation of investment projects efficiency
  • Investment project efficiency rates’ sensitivity analysis
  • Analysis and appraisal of a project’s risks
  • Analytical materials and opinion letters
  • Appraisal of given business plans for investment projects and recommendations on their improvement
  • Attraction of financing

 Our services are for those who are in search of investors or want to attract direct investments, and meant for projects of over $5 million and can be rendered as a single set or separately:

  • Investment planning (Investment Project, Business Plan, Feasibility Studies from scratch)
  • Analysis, appraisal, and economic feasibility of investment projects developed by a customer
  • Attraction of investments (search for an investor)
  • Assistance in arrangement of financing from banks both as in the form of loans and project financing 

Our Company renders a comprehensive service related to preparation of an investment project plan using base values of a customer. Such a project will include the full scope of investment documentation, the investment project itself and a project financing plan, an appraisal of future value of the asset, and an expert opinion letter related to the investment project.

For the purpose of project financing and attracting investments into an operating medium enterprise of $5 million, our experts will make an investment business plan that will serve as a tool to attract investors by sale of a share or obtainment of a long-term loan. Then we will start searching for a strategic, financial investor or a bank loan.

To obtain a bank loan for project financing, we conduct Feasibility Studies (FS), evaluate risks, and give recommendation on how to minimize them.

Abundant experience of our Company’s employees in credit and financial, investment, and consulting companies, corporate finance, and project finance guarantees your success.

Cost of the above services is determined according to the mutual approval of a customer’s requirements, scope, and terms of works.


Our services are meant for those companies that not only want to extend their business by attracting external financing, but also want to have prospects for development, expand their interests, find new free market niches, and successfully implement their ideas and plans.

In the contemporary dynamic business environment only most sought-for and efficient products and services survive, that is why InvestBankExpert.com, as your investment consultant, aims at creative implementation of your ideas, their development, detailed elaboration, and substantiation.

Our goal is not only to attract financing for clients’ investment projects, but to develop and implement together long-term goals for given business purposes, bring it to a higher corporate level by revealing hidden reserves, marketing analysis of an industry, full neutralization or minimization of project risks.

InvestBankExpert.com provides investment consulting in different industries of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Most successful our projects have been implemented in:

  • Engineering Industry
  • (FMCG) Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Processing Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Service industries
  • Trade
  • Transport
  • Practical application of scientific research results in high technologies

In business as in life, there are no deadlocks. There is always a way out. And if you refer to us we can help you find it.

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